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Welcome Aboard
 Welcome to an exciting and little known way to make great money that lets YOU control your schedule!

     - Work as much or as little as you want. You're the boss and you decide when to work. No silly quotas or schedules to be a Model.

-Get paid every Wednesday. You see up to the minute and down to the penny how much you've earned at any time in your Online Modeling Account.

-Set your own per minute rate and change it as often as you wish. No silly math on how much you make.

-A GUARANTEED 25% is paid directly to the Models with no worries about chargebacks or deductions for declined credit cards. You may find other Companies offering a higher percentage but they don't spend anything close to what we do on advertising. No advertising, no Customers.
No Customers = noone to spend money on YOU.
Let's face it. 50% of NOTHING is, well....NOTHING!

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-We spend millions of dollars a month on advertising so that there are a TON of customers wanting to spend money on you.

We also handle EVERYTHING ELSE: Credit Card Processing, Chargebacks, Website Maintenance and Development, 24/7 real live humans IN THE U.S.A. for Customer / Model Support, TONS of Advertising WORDLWIDE, Phone System, Cam System, The Big Room Full of Expensive Computers and so on...... So you can focus on the money.

     - ALL shapes, sizes, ages (18 and over only please) body types and orientations are in high demand. Some of our best models are in the "Big and Beautiful" category. Girls, Guys, and Couples too!

     - If you've made it to this webpage you can be a star! All you need is a computer that works, internet and an inexpensive webcam. Super simple step-by-step instruction provided so you can focus on making money.

     - It doesn't cost you a penny to start or EVER!!! No hidden fees or surprise charges. You see up to the minute what you get paid. We pay you every week. You even set your own per-minute rate!

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- We are the best Modeling Studio because we have over 5+ million hits a day and thousands of customers online at any time. ALL training is provided free of charge, 24/7 Support - free! One-click high tech site features - free!

     - All the billing, advertising, support and internet traffic is provided for you. Just "do your thing" and let us worry about everything else. We are looking for performers, not book keepers and computer geeks. Unless they want some extra cash...


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