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"How does this whole thing work???"

It's really simple. You choose what to charge a customer, between 99 cents per minute up to $9.99 per minute. You get paid per person, per minute. They are billed down to the second and you get paid down to the penny. So you get paid for every second of every Paid Chat from every customer. You get a gauranteed 25% of every penny they spend in your chatroom regardless of if their Credit Card is declined or not.



You've already set your rates and your compensation works out to $1 per minute. You go online and start chatting away. A couple minutes later "XYZ" likes what they see and decides to get a Private Chat with you.

You begin your Private Chat and notice other people are now joining your Private Chat along with "XYZ". There are now 5 people in Private Chat at the same time. YES! You get paid for every second EACH PERSON is in Private Chat!!!
You realize you are now making $5 PER MINUTE now and your smile gets even wider... 10 people in Private Chat at the same time? Yup, $10 per minute! Do the math, this adds up REALLY fast.

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We pay you every week- Other companies hold your money up to 4 weeks! This is due to the strict policies Credit Card Processors have when dealing with any type of "Online 18 and Over Entertainment" before they will pay out. Basically, You get paid for working before we get paid from them. We do this strictly for our Models benefit. We hope you enjoy getting paid WEEKS earlier!

You only do WHAT YOU WANT TO DO during your time online, it's an individuals choice.  Your SAFETY and COMFORT is our number one concern.

You have total control!



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