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What do I do?
What The Heck DO I DO?
You simply log into your account and begin broadcasting your webcam to our computers which adds you to our Live Online Model Network.

Customers will enter you chat room lobby to say hello and introduce themselves. This is where you do a little flirting and participate in some small talk to see if the customer likes your personality. They will generally make a request about what you will or won't do during a private chat (paid chat).

Some people just want to flirt with a person that they think would never give them the time of day in the real world. See you in a sexy outfit or perhaps someone with a foot fetish, among other reasons.

It's entirely up to you what you do online. You will also get plenty of adult themed requests too and again it's totally ok to politely tell a person no thanks. Customers are window shopping and will find what they are looking for from one of our Models.

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